The Interior Life

October 2019

"The Interior Life" premiered at Regina Klenjoski Dance Company's Fall show, "Suite Tooth," alongside choreography by Regina Klenjoski and fellow company member, Max Mayerle. 

Sarah crafted this work as an expression of her interior life, reflecting the both the chaos and peace she experiences. Sarah incorporated her fellow company members, Nadia Khalidi, Max Mayerle, and Makayla Williams by using them to represent at times her own exterior, perhaps quiet on the outside, when their is interior turmoil, and also her exterior surroundings, the chaos of the world when she often feels interior peace. The contrast of battle vs. surrender is reflected in movement. 

Photograph by Fernando Salazar



July 2019

"Expectation," premiered in Kansas City's 2019 Fringe Festival at The Center for Spiritual Living.  A one woman show, "Expectation" is a 45 minute work full of emotion, movement, and personal experiences. It explores the expectations we have for ourselves and from others, and how we pursue these, whether we succeed or fail. You can read some reviews of Sarah's show here: and

Watch the full video below:


a poem I wrote today

February 2019

Sarah premiered this work in Kansas City at City in Motion's 'A Modern Night at the Folly,' February 2, 2019.

Videography by: Mark Titus

Poem written and spoken by Sarah Frangenberg

Music (I do not own the rights): "Sequence (Four)" by Peter Gregson, with Warren Zielinski, Magdalena Filipczak, Laurie Anderson, and Richard Harwood

To read the full poem and others, you can visit Sarah's poetry website, here:


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